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Membership and formation:

Children’s Action and Youths’ formation is the major activity of the movement.

The xaverian formation  is clear right from the grass roots; it is a community based children’s and youths’ formation movement where its membership is grouped into four (4) major age groups.

Membership Age Groups and Scarf Used:

*   The  joyful (juniors) ages from 9-12years. They use a green and yellow Scarf.

*   Zealots (seniors) ages from 13-16 years. They use a Red and yellow Scarf.

*   Torch bearers (youth branch) ages from 17-22 years. They use an Orange and Yellow Scarf.

*   Young adults union and animators ages from 23 years and above. They ware a paple and Yellow Scarf.

The movement is open to all church members who are ready to work for the achievement of its mission and objectives.

They live as a team, section and in a group at the parish level, to play together, to grow and safeguard the objectives of the xaverian movement, have healthy relationship social experience and creative integral development.