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Activities and Formation Programmes:

The main activities and programmes are carried out in Teams, sections and groups for their weekly meetings. During those meetings, they plan and engage in three Ministries;

1.    Worship or in the sanctifying office Ministry.

They have Apostolic programmes/activitivities e.g. singing in church choirs, preparing liturgies, serve mass, take readings in liturgical celebration, commentators at Mass, serve as ushers, attend formation retreats and camps, participate in prayer group, participate in blessed sacrament adoration and Eucharistic celebration,, attend ecumenical prayer services e.g way of the cross, train and direct mass servers, clean church, prepare children for catechism and teach catechism where possible,  have crusades, visit the sick, assist in church gathering as first aiders and assist in keeping order in public.

2.    Teaching Ministry.

These have educational activities  and programmes such as educating children and youths on drug abuse and children’s rights participate in culture and sports activities, be a coach in sports, make and publish various materials for the work of evangelization, help in construction of oratoriums and children’s pastoral centers, help vulnerable children eg street children for their education and other needs. Bible study and train young people to read scripture, reach out to the lonely, have workshops  on religious education and trainings, have counseling services and programmes. Supply appropriate reading materials, career guidance programmes and leadership seminars and trainings, plan evangelization camps, recollections and crusades, help in mission projects, have work camps and exchange visits, organize sports, games and cultural competition, religious quizzes ( in bible and religious knowledge) learn life skills and camping techniques.

3.    Service Ministry

v     They some times join other youth groups in their communities to celebrate and work at the Parish, Diocese, at National and  International level . They work and are tested to get badges in those formation programmes/activities. They have charitable and development activities or programmes such as, healthy and environment protection, tree planting and nursery tree bed  making, HIV/AIDS prevention and counseling programmes

v     Water and sanitation improvement e.g. cleaning Wells etc

v     Poverty alleviation and hand craft  sustainable Agriculture, fish farming, bees keeping, fruit and Vegetable growing, rabbit rearing  and piggery  rearing and soap making etc. For in come generating project and self reliance.

v     Charitable programmes such as making regular visitation to sick, prisoners, aging, help them learn

v     and do first Aid and criminal prevention.

v     Help with home maintenance at parish and at School etc.

v     Plan cultural and social events in villages and parish.

v     Serve on parish welcome committee

v     Help as a volunteer on first Aid and security Committees.

v     Clean houses for disabled and elderly.

v     Take disadvantaged children on a picnic with you.

v     Help with parish cleaning e.g. Compound etc.

v     Help with care of parish cemetery.

v     Lead campfires and other ceremonies

v     Promote peace and harmony in the community

v     Sell books and religious articles at the church entrance on Sundays.

v     Prepare children and youth for sacraments.

v     .Donate blood and offer aid to the sick  families and members.